The World of the Raga : Indian Classical Music

The World of the Raga : Indian Classical Music

The World of the Raga : Indian Classical Music स्वरवर्णविशेषेण ध्वनिभेदेन वा पुनः । रज्यते येन यः कश्चित् स रागः सम्मतः सताम् ॥ The Raga is, as the wise declare, the sequence of musical notes and the play of sound which delights the hearts of men.   The World of the Raga Some scholars believe … Read more

Learning the Art of Indian Classical Music

Learning The Art : Indianan Classical Music

Learning the Art of Indian Classical Music. To help you learn the art of Indian classical music this article will brief you about all important components of the art like : Swara, Guru Shishya Parampara, Sadhana, Deity, Chilla, Gharanas and also the instrument “Tanpura”. काव्यालापांश्च ये केचिद् गीतकान्यखिलानि च । शब्दमूर्तिधरस्यैते विष्णोरंशा महात्मनः ॥ All … Read more

The Uniqueness of Indian Classical Music

The Uniqueness of Indianan Classical Music

This article describes the Uniqueness of Indian Classical Music. This article became a bit big due to the in-depth analysis of the matter. We have created a TOC to help your reading. No Written Score! Comparisons are dangerous! But to describe some of the substantive characteristics of our music it is necessary to place them … Read more

Introduction to Indian Classical Music

Introduction : Indianan Classical Music

Lets start our discussio on – Introduction to Indian Classical Music. Indian Classical Music: In’ India, it is believed that at the origin of creation was the primordial sound, Nada Brahman. Therefore, in the heart of man, in the heart of nature, in the heart of the universe, everywhere there is harmony and music. [ … Read more

Listeners guide to Indian Classical Music

Listeners Guide to Indian Classical Music: You would require little more effort than an open ear to acquire the taste of Indian classical music. We are trying to accumulate related information and tools to help you to start your journey as a listener. Contents Introduction The Quest and the Lure The Quest How to Listen … Read more